How You Can Help L2L Create Lasting, Purpose-Driven Recovery From Addiction!

Fundraising Goals:

  1. Residency Sponsorships:
    1. Goal – Have 3 sponsored beds/house available at all times
    2. Current $ goal: $345
  2. Investment in New Men’s Houses (rent and modify properties):
    1. Location: Hagerstown, Baltimore City
    2. Goal: $60,000 ($30,000 for each house) to secure lease and licenses, modify and furnish houses, and contract necessary utilities and services (power, water, pest-management, IT)
  3. Investment in New Women’s House (purchase & renovate):
    1. Location: rural setting on 1-3 acres in or near Cascade or Emmitsburg, Maryland
    2. Goal: $200,000 – to purchase and license, renovate and furnish, and to provide for outside activities such as gardening or animal rescue and husbandry, possible daycare for children