Board of Directors

updated February 20, 2017

Aggie Acosta Flores, President

Aggie Acosta Flores has worked in Human Resources for 20 years. Her various roles included Payroll Supervisor, HR Manager, and Vice President. Aggie loves HR because she loves helping people. L2L has given her the opportunity to extend that desire to help beyond the corporate world to the real world.

Robert Elam, Vice President


Bob has worked in commercial construction senior management for over 25 years. He is also an active real estate investor is several Maryland counties and was a former sober house owner. Bob also serves on the Montgomery College Building and Construction Technology Advisory Committee.

Lynn Shaw, Treasurer

11-24-2013 ID expanded Photo

Lynn Shaw served for twenty years as an officer in the United States Army. His service was followed by 20 years as a self-employed publisher. He currently serves as a long term treasurer on two small nonprofit boards. Lynn is an enthusiastic reader and traveler.

Erin Lidz, Secretary


Erin Lidz has a history of working with communities in need. After completing her undergraduate degree, she spent two years living and working abroad where she had the opportunity to volunteer at nonprofit organizations working to improve educational outcomes for local students. Erin recently finished a two-year commitment as a Teach For America corps member in Memphis, Tennessee. She now works at a nonprofit working to uplift individuals and families out of poverty.

Erin has a BA in Communication from the University of Tennessee and a M.Ed from Christian Brothers University.

Joe Mullenax

Dan Rishell

Dan has been involved in home building in some capacity his entire life. Beginning in a family framing business and later working for other builders, both large and small, as a construction manager. He has learned a great deal about the construction industry and, through L2L, hopes to use those experiences that have provided a good life for him and his family to give a little something back.

Peter Schoen

Michele Schoonmaker

Camille Spinelli


Camille is passionate about helping people to achieve their dreams. She has a strong belief in empowering people so they are the key to their own success. As an entrepreneur Camille has owned several businesses. She also serves on an advisory board for female entrepreneurs and guides them to build their sales strategies. While owning a smoothie business and several rental properties sounds exciting, Camille currently works as an Account Executive for Drybar for more intensity. Never a dull moment!

Christina Trenton